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the artist

I believe that every person is unique and beautifully made

and has their own qualities to bring something good into this world.

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Grew up in a town in the middle of the Netherlands, called IJsselstein. I studied physiotherapie, and graduated in 2012. After two years working as a physiotherapist I traveled around the world for a few years and I have lived in several countries.

Since when I was young I remember myself doing creative stuff, most of the time drawing grafitty words and drawing faces. When I started highschool I could choose between expression class or sport class. When I had to choose a study my interests where as well something in creativity or something in sport. 
Always the sport has won from my creativity, and I never made much time for the creative part. 

Till spring 2020. The corona lock-down started, so I had a lot of extra time. I started discovering my creative part again and that's how Renewed Masterpieces started!

Next to my main job as a physiotherapist the creativity has now found a certain spot in my weekly planning, and I can't wait to discover and learn more and see where this all goes!

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