In 2022, the whole year round, 5% of every sold piece will go to Compassion!

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The charity we, together, support this year is Compassion! 

Compassion is a child sponsor organisation. I'm already supporting them for a few years. My kid is Isaiah from Tanzania, and we write each other regularly. From my sponsorship, which cost me 30€ a month, he can go to school, get healthcare and his family is supported as well with food, for example.

Why did I picked this charity for this year?

My vision, and so as well that of Renewed Masterpieces, is that there is beauty in everything, and everyone. And sometimes it doesn't look nice yet, but everything and everyone should get a chance to reach the potential, and get to shine!

So I think, that is matching Compassion completely. They are bringing hope, light and a better future to children, and their families. They don't look at the circumstances at the moment, but at the potential that every child has, and they give them a chance that will change there lives.

By sponsoring kids, and giving them education, you're not only sponsoring just one kid, but also the future society or maybe even the whole country. Kids that go to school are way more likely to go to study, get a job, and change te world!

Next to that, I think Compassion is a very reliable charity. I know where my money goes, and I can see and hear the difference that they are making, because I am in contact with my sponsor child regularly.

So I'm so happy, excited and grateful that we, together, will be collecting money for this charity the whole year. 5% of the sold items will be collected, and donated at the end of this year!

If you want to read more about compassion, click on the link below to go to their website. And if you have personal questions, just let me know, I will be very happy to answer them!

much love ❤️ Wendy

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