Sustainable eyecatchers
for your home!

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Sustainable eyecatchers
for your home!


It's not about what it is - it's about what it can become! 


I'm Wendy Helmes, a self-taught artist, coming from the Netherlands, now living in the beautiful city of Konstanz, at the Bodensee. 

In my opinion we live in a world where to many things are thrown away, or labelled as junk. And not only things, but I have seen it so often, that also people are treated as junk, not welcome, different, or not worthy. 

I believe in second chances for everything, and everyone!

I think with love and attention, all things can bloom, and shine again in a renewed life.

From that vision....

- I turn old furniture into new eyecatchers for your home

- I make contemporary portrait art to show the beauty in all kind of people

- I sell vintage and upcycled home-deco

- And with a part of the income I support charities who give people new chances in life!

So by buying my products you are getting an unique interior, and at the same time you do good for our planet, and you're helping other people as well. 

Check out what I can offer you:


Vintage furniture renewed to eyecatchers for your home! They are renewed with environmentally friendly, high quality and durable products. 


I'm a self-thought artist, making contemporary portrait art. My art, often, has influences from other cultures. With my art I want to show you that there is beauty in every person, regardless of skin-color,

faith or cultural backgrounds.


You like to buy second-hand but no time for searching around in overpacked and dusty shops? Good news, I did the work for you and selected the most beautiful items! Next to that there is also a collection of upcycled home deco items.


Get a furniture piece in the color you'd like? Or looking for a personalised rocking horse or handsaw?  The possibilities are endless! I would love to hear from you and make the unique piece that you are looking for!



" Hello dear wendy, the cabinet has arrived. It's just super beautiful and fits perfectly. It is as described and the color is wonderful too. I keep an eye on your work and I am happy when you have something so beautiful for me again. Best wishes and greetings! "

Claudia, Germany


" I was looking for an unique present for a very unique little boy. When I asked Wendy for some ideas, she immediately send me some options and we brainstormed about the details. I was truly involved in the process. Effect: a customized handsaw with beautiful images of unique animals. A perfect gift!

I absolutely recommend Wendy and her talent - she does her work with passion and devotion, which is visible in the beautiful things she makes. "

Natalia, the Netherlands


We are so glad with the beautiful handpainted rocking horse that Wendy made for us! I gave Wendy complete freedom to do with it what she thought what would fit to us, and she renewed it in the same style of the birth card! She made it beyond our expectations! Wendy works with passion and love, which you see back in all her creations!

Dorine, the Netherlands

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