Custom made order - personalised rocking horse


A personalised gift for your loved ones!

My journey of Renewed Masterpieces started with those kind of presents that I made for my family and friends.Handlettered handsaws, chopping boards, a handpainted rocking horse. There are plenty of options! 

Down here you can see all different kind of gifts that I made in the past, so you can see some options and get inspired. Prices depend on the size and design. If you have a global idea in your head, please get in contact, share your ideas and together we will find and create the perfect gift or item that you are looking for! 

I always have a variety of objects in stock. You can think of handsaws, wooden hangers, cutting boards, plates and signs, and sometimes rocking horses. So if you don't have an object yourself, please get in contact and ask for the possibilities.

Get inspired...