Exposed - print

30x40 cm  -  fine art print on recycled paper (160gr) 

Signed and with personal message from the artist; Wendy Helmes



Wendy about this painting: "Exposed describes my feelings, that I had sharing this first bigger painting with the rest of the world. If you make a step in a new direction, it most of the time comes with vulnerability, which makes you feel insecure. With this painting I want to share that vulnerability is something beautiful and pure, and I would like to motivate you to do the things you are a bit scared for!"



My prints are produced at die Umweltdruckerei (the environment print house) in Hannover, Germany.


A sustainable print shop that makes high quality eco-print products, and in addition, they are also supporting eco-social and cultural projects as well as species protection.


- 100% Recycled paper

- Organic paints

- Green energy

- Climate neutral production









Exposed - Print