At the moment I am working from two different places. The art studio, and the furniture workplace. Read more about it below, and have a look around in my art studio :)

-Furniture shop Konstanz Bodensee


personalised presents Konstanz


restyling old furniture


Upcycled Furniture Konstanz


Furniture design Konstanz


The ARt studio

Since september 2022 I moved into my own art studio! 

The studio is located on the industry area of Konstanz, very close to the Hardware store 'OBI'. It is in a building that was empty for over 15 years, and it slowly gets renovated. That means the elevator is not working yet, and that's the reason why for now I will only focus on my artwork in this new space.

In a few months the elevator will hopefully be repaired and then I have an option to rent another space and use that as a workplace for my furniture.   

Am I not making furniture then at the moment?


Well.. I am, but not that much.

My goal was to really find a place before the winter starts. I renew all the furniture pieces in our basement, and in the winter it's just really cold and dark in there, and that doesn't make me happy. So for now I chose for this option, and I must say, I might enjoy making paintings even more as furniture, so I will see how things develop with the time.



The workplace where I'm renewing all furniture pieces

is in the basement of our apartment in Paradies, Konstanz.

Although it is a very big basement it is still a basement, which means it is always quite dark, cold, and low ceilings. I'm really hoping that when the elevator in the building of my artstudio is working again, I can move the workplace as well to that same building.

Check out the making of my art studio!

Come visit me :)

If you are interested in my studio, my artwork, or want to meet me and have a chat and some tea (sorry, I don't drink coffee :o), then you are very welcome to visit the studio!


I will be at the studio on Tuesdays, Fridays and sometimes Saturdays.

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